Tattoo Care

Your new tattoo will take 7 to 14 days to heal (depending on the person) and the care you are now responsible for will directly effect its outcome. I will not be responsible for customer negligence or any problems you may have with your tattoo because you didn’t take proper care of it. It is very important that you follow these guidelines:

  1. DO NOT take the bandage off…I put it there for a reason. A new tattoo is a wound, open flesh can get infected by bacteria, keep it covered for a minimum of two hours…you’ll have plenty of time to show it off later. When you are ready to remove the bandage do not rip it off! If it sticks, get it wet with warm water and gently remove it.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS and than wash your tattoo. Use liquid or bar soap (FRAGRANCE FREE and ANTIBACTERIAL), your hands, and warm water, NO TOWEL…think gentle.  Wash the area in a circular motion with your hands. Pat the area dry with a paper towel NOT a washcloth or anything abrasive…this will ruin the tattoo.
  3. After you wash your tattoo APPLY FRAGRANCE FREE LOTION, like Lubrider, Curel, or Eucerin. DO NOT use medicated or petroleum based products. These will clog your pores, makes your skin break out, and you will loose color in your tattoo. Add the product sparingly – more is not better, it is easy to spread it too thick, rub it in (circular motion) until it’s no longer shiny.
  4. DO NOT over saturate your tattoo DO NOT let your tattoo become dry. This destroys the skin and damages the color. Wash & lotion cycle should happen several times a day, the idea is to keep the area clean and moist.
  5. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE your tattoo, it needs to breath. The only time you are allowed to rebandge the area is if your clothes rub it or if you’re doing something that could get the tattoo dirty.  In that case wrap it up but you need to give the tattoo air whenever you can. Each time you remove the bandage WASH THE TATTOO and LOTION the area.
  6. After a few days the skin can raise, that’s normal. If it looks bumpy like a scar watch the amount of ointment your using, make sure the area is not to wet, remember mosit not wet…rub it in!
  7. By the 4th day the skin will begin to sluff-off. Make sure the flaking skin stays on as long as possible. DO NOT PICK AT IT if you do you will have missing spots of color in your tattoo. The flaking can last a while, one to two weeks…it’s annoying I know.
  8. It’s ok to shower.  Make sure to wash the tattoo last and do not let the water hit the area directly. DO NOT take a bath or go swimming. Having your tattoo submerged in water can cause serious damage, so avoid the sea, pools, hot tubs, and baths for at least 2-3 weeks.
  9. DO NOT sit in the sun. The sun’s rays will dry out the new tattoo causing damage. If its an older tattoo use SPF 30, this will help the tattoo remain vibrate…the sun fades color.
  10. When it starts to heal it will start to itch. DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK AT THE TATTOO. If it itches, slap it. If it’s peeling put lotion on it. Keep it moist!
  11. CALL YOUR ARTIST if the area is red after a week.
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  1. Hello, I ran into this page from digg. It is not an article I would regularly read, but I loved your thoughts on it. Thank you for creating an article worth reading!

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